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By accessing this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Using this website indicated that you accept these terms regardless of whether or not you choose to register with us or order from us.Please read carefully the terms and conditions before using this site.

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The use of this website by any user is at its full responsibility. The content of this website does not constitute and shall in no way be construed as advice provision, directly or indirectly inducement users to take any action. The evaluation of the content of this website is at the discretion of each user, who assumes the responsibility to use of any service.

The www.biba.gr (and hereinafter referred to WEBSITE) is the online store of BIBA SIFNOS.

Is operated by MARKETAKI E. 

Details: based in Apollonia, of Sifnos_ Cyclades Area

              VAT Registration No: EL: 141623978 Tax Piraeus.

Tel.: +30 2284032280, +30 6936115093

The WEBSITE provides the opportunity to inform about clothing, footwear, accessories,at LUXURY BRANDS & LOWER PRICED LINE BRANDS  giving the opportunity to buy them. The WEBSITE sells goods, by using technology in a coompination of low operating costs which offered by the internet to provide all its customers its products.

This WEBSITE, including photos, images, text, graphics, source code, databases, projects, news, images, software, applications, services and any type of files and content is the subject of intellectual property of WEBSITE and / or its licensors, after the necessary authorization has been received from them to be posted on the website, and is governed by Greek, European and international law on intellectual property. Therefore, is forbiden any reproduction, republication, copying, storing, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, performance, translated or modified in any way, in whole, part or in summary, without the prior written permission of the proprietor / owner.Exceptionally permitted case of saving a single content of the website copy section in a simple personal computer, for personal and in no way for commercial use without affecting in any way the rights of intellectual and industrial property. In this case, explicitly prohibited the deletion of the indication of origin of the WEBSITE .

PRICES: Prices quoted are final,(includes VAT ).The WEBSITE have the right to change prices without prior notice to  customers. However customers pay the price, which appeared at the time of order.

SHIPPING – CASH ON DELIVERY: In addition to the cost of the retail each customer pays the transport and delivery costs, where exists , which are notified to the final submission of the order. In Greece, shipping costs  is 0-3 € and is only an extra charge at €3,50 if it is cash on delivery. For Cyprus, the shipping cost is 15,00 €, 35,00 € for Europe and the rest 45,00 €. The possibility of cash on delivery is only valid for Greece.

REMOVAL: Before complete the order , during the online process, customer may press the field “Remove” that make the automatic cancellation of the order. If it has ordered more than one product and wishes to cancel one of them, by pressing the field “Remove” to cancel the order that does not wish to be included in the final order.

MODIFICATION: After the order changes can not be happened. Otherwise you have to cancel the  this order, and choose other products.

CANCELLATION: If the client wishes to cancel the order have to inform us directly by an e-mail at info@biba.gr

RETURN: In case the customer wishes to return a product there is a policy  of sold products through its website which is lawful in the European and Greek legislation on consumer protection.

In this case the client, first of all have to contact at info@biba.gr, and can return it within (14) fourteen calendar days of receipt of as shown by the transport company statements from which the received.

The returned product must be in perfect condition ,in undamaged packaging and not used. If the customer wants to change size, color, type or general product, then shipping cost is for free. But if you want a refund, the customer shall pay the shipping costs to the business. ( 4.00€ per shipping)

REFUND: No refund is made for any product, if it is used or even the packaging is tampered in any way.  Therefore they must be in excellent condition, sealed, complete and without damage. Product’s packaging is that which normally accompanies the product and is in excellent condition. If a product proves to be defective subject to any company guarantee that produced it and the obligation to repair or replace part of it.

The client, first of all contact  with  info@biba.gr or 2284032280 or 6944725082. You can return the product within (7) seven calendar days of the recieving day. Upon receipt of the product and checked by the department of Biba, then we refund the amound in a bank deposit, which have been notify at the WEBSITE promptly and in writing within  7 seven  calendar days from the receiving day.

The company is not required to reimburse the supplementary costs, if the customer expressly opted for a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by the company.

The customer is liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling was not necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

The risk of damage or loss of products until their physical possession of the customer / consumer or a third party designated by the customer / consumer, bringing the company with the exception of the case where the carrier was commissioned by the customer / consumer, in which case the risk passes to the customer / consumer upon delivery to the carrier.

DELIVERY: The delivery of products is made exclusively via courier (courier).

DELIVERY: Delivery is within 14 days from the day of order and subject to availability of products. In exceptional cases where the customer has previously informed, the delivery time may be extended to 30 days.

QUARANTEE: WEBSITE has no warranty nor quality, nor the suitability of the products sold for any particular purpose, nor guarantee the safety and security of users of these products. Such safeguards, when provided, only one of the manufacturers and the customer must be informed of the product packaging. Any telephone or electronic information made by the WEBSITE on manufacturers guarantees is merely for the convenience of the customer and in no way a guarantee of the WEBSITE.

SITE is not designed to appeal to minors. Services and website are intended only for adults over eighteen (18) years. Therefore, adults are required by law to protect underage Internet users who may have access to our website. WEBSITE does not assume any responsibility for any use made of this, of minors and the subsequent purchase of these products are available to it.

The visitor / user is prohibited from sending or transmitting through the SITE illegal material. As such it is considered material that violates third party rights (indicatively intellectual and industrial property rights and rights of privacy and protection of personal data) and / or is false, inaccurate, offensive, abusive, offensive, vulgar, violent, defamatory or incites punishable operations.

Also forbidden to visitors / users in any way damaging to minors, counterfeiting or other alteration of the identification of users / members, which aims to mislead about the origin of content transmitted through the WEBSITE, post, publish, send or use any other means to install any unsolicited advertising or other content related to the promotion of products or services or third-party websites, sending unwanted and unbidden from the email recipient and any other promotion unwanted content. harassment of third parties is prohibited in any way. Visitors / Users agree that they will not compromise the security of this site and not to obstruct any user to access this site. The use of the website for illegal purposes entails civil and criminal penalties. The visitor / user agrees and accepts that the website has no responsibility for material with these characteristics, which is derived from third parties and hosted in the website and in any case can not be said that the WEBSITE endorses or accepts such content.

In case the WEBSITE notified that any content cause moral damage or other damage to a third party reserves the right to proceed immediately to remove that content and simultaneously disrupt the user account / member who violates the terms of present. The biba.gr declares that it will cooperate with any police or judicial authority in order to reveal the identity of any user who publishes or transmits such material or information.

Visitors / Users undertake that the data submitted in WEBSITE is complete, correct and accurate, that they comply with the rules of Greek law and especially with the provisions of the telecommunications legislation, to abstain from any illegal and contrary to morality using biba.gr and does not violate any rights of third kind and, in particular, privacy.

If a visitor / user cause technical damage to the site or the systems transmitting the site to visitors / users, liable for damage resulting from this damage and assume any costs to repair the damage.

Also, the visitor / user of the WEBSITE understands and accepts that he has exclusive responsibility to compensate the biba.gr and his associates for any legal dispute arising between it and others because of the content that is available for posting, publishing or other transfer means of WEB services, and in case when registering incorrect data entry or updating of data and more generally in the event of any breach of these terms of use.

The visitor / user understands and accepts that it has the exclusive right, without prior notice, to discontinue the use of / passwords to the services and / or discontinue the availability of content to visitors / users who believe they have violated the letter and the spirit of these terms of use. WEBSITE bears no liability towards the visitor / user for that interruption or for any event requirement associated with that failure.

The WEBSITE is not responsible in any way for the communication of the visitor / user with third party service providers advertised on the website and for any possible commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.

The WEBSITE uses cookies to facilitate its smooth operation, as well as to provide maximum user service and promotional content based on the user’s interests, needs and preferences. Cookies are small text files (a small piece of data) stored on each user’s hard disk so that they can be identified in future visits to the website. In no way are they harmful to users’ computers. Users have the option of turning them off in their browser or rejecting them, if they don’t want to use them. In this case, however, they may not be able to use the website’s services. The information collected from cookies, is anonymous and is used solely to improve the structure and content of our website. Cookies are safe and don’t store email addresses or phone numbers.

The WEBSITE contains links (links) to other websites. Linking WEBSITE with other sites via links (links) is made solely for the convenience of visitors / users. These sites are not under the control of the WEB SITE and therefore not responsible for the availability, content, policy of protection of personal data, the quality and completeness of their services. The WEBSITE is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages of users / visitors, resulting from the use of connectivity to another website via links (links) or by using data and information contained in any such site. Therefore, for any problems arising during the visit / use, the visitor / user must apply directly to the respective websites and pages, which bear the entire full responsibility (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, legality, the validity of the content of their websites and providing their services to the exclusion of any liability of the WEBSITE . WEBSITE in no way be deemed to embrace or accept the contents or services of these websites and pages referred to or linked to them in any way.

The business is Greek and therefore its operation is governed by Greek, European and international law. If any of these terms may be deemed void or voidable, the invalidity or cancellation will not affect the validity of other conditions. Competent to resolve any dispute whatsoever arising from use of the website or www.biba.gr concerning the interpretation or application of these terms of use or because those are the courts of Athens.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) – CONNECTION WITH PLATFORM ODR

Recently harmonized in Greek legislation (to JMD 70 330 (GG 1421V / 09.07.2015) Directive 2013/11 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council of May 21, 2013, which provides for online dispute resolution by the Alternative Dispute process Resolution.

The process works as extrajudicial compromise. This is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism through certified alternative dispute resolution bodies (LFS) undertaken to reconcile online, easily and quickly consumer-supplier disputes arising from online purchases.

The parts have access to the procedure without being obliged to use a lawyer or legal counsel. The procedure does not deprive the parties of the right to receive independent advice or representation or assisted by a third part of any stage of the process. According to Greek law, the ADR procedure is free for the consumer (excluding any costs voluntarily assumed by the consumer in support of his case). The ADR entity has to decide within 90 days, but in particularly complex disputes is entitled to extend this period. If agreement is not reached or if the supplier or the consumer withdraw from the process before a decision is made by the ADR entity practical failure. The parties if they wish can appeal to the same dispute to court. If an agreement is drawn up a conciliation agreement or the parties voluntarily comply or any of the parties may want to dissuade the conciliation agreement to be enforceable in order to compel the other party to comply.

It clarified that the consumer should first contact the company in an attempt to directly resolve their dispute before submitting the complaint to an ADR entity if he was unable to settle the dispute with the immediate submission of a complaint to the company. Indeed, if the consumer submits a complaint to the prior ADR entity without having submitted a complaint to the company, this fact alone can be a reason of complaint examination refusal. At this point, we inform you that one of the amicable dispute settlement bodies existing in Greece is the Consumer Ombudsman (http://www.sinigoroskatanaloti.gr) which is an independent authority to extrajudicial and amicable settlement of disputes between consumers-suppliers .

The Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 instituted the creation and functioning of a single EU-wide platform for the settlement of disputes, the ODR platform which enables the consumer to submit any disputes arising from online purchases at online resolution process. At this point, we present an electronic link to the e-platform Dispute Resolution (ODR) (http://ec.europa.eu/odr) and the address of our e-mail  info@biba.gr.

The procedure through the ODR platform is easy, completed online and place in 4 stages:

1) Submission of a complaint by the consumer at the supplier by completing the relevant form.
2) The complaint was sent to the two parts-supplier agreement on an alternative dispute resolution body.
3) The ODR platform automatically sends the complaint to the ADR entity.
4) Processing of the complaint by the dispute settlement body, results and conclusion of the complaint within 90 days.

Informative mention that ADR entities may maintain or adopt procedural rules which enable them to refuse to consider a specific case, on the basis of one or a combination of the following criteria:

a) the consumer has not tried to contact the supplier in any appropriate way to discuss the complaint and seek, as a first step to resolve the problem directly with him,
b) the difference is trivial or vexatious complaint is based on,
c) the difference is being or has been previously examined by another ADR entity or a court,
d) the consumer has not submitted a complaint to the ADR entity within one year from the date on which the consumer submitted his complaint to the supplier,
e) the examination of such a dispute would significantly jeopardize the effective functioning of ADR entity.

The terms and conditions of website use are drafted in Greek. Therefore in case of discrepancy between the Greek text and any translation of the Greek text shall prevail.